Sandman 19 Remastered

This came out this week, It was solicited as From the DC Vault Sandman 19 Remastered, I can’t find it under either title and the indica says nothing about ‘From the DC Vault’, it is just ‘Sandman 19 Remastered’

Title: Sandman 19 Remastered
Description: Third Printing
Barcode: 76194138359000111
Cover Artist: Charles Vess
Publisher: DC Comics
Impirnt: DC Black Label
Release Date: Apr 2024
Cover Date: Jun 2024
Country: USA
Format: Comic
Writer: Neil Gaiman
Artist: Charles Vess

Its under Sandman vol2 as cover 19C . :slight_smile:

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@Dean have you managed to find it yet?

@CLZ_Rowdy, yes I have thank you.

Unless I’m going crazy I was sure it was not there when I posted. I went through Sandman as well as that weeks pull list and the weeks before and after. I couldn’t see it anywhere.

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