Save my last folder or add - Open with

When I start my Game Connect - it doesn’t start with my “favourite” folder. I have added a folder view : Platform, Games/Hardware - but everytime when I close the Game Connect and reopen it, I have to select my view again.

Would be great if it remembers my last view (quick solution) - or I can select one of the favourite folders as a “Open with …”

That is strange. It should already remember your last folder setting.
I tried logging in to your Game Connect and I instantly see that Platform / Game/Hardware folder view.

I deleted all others - so only one is available. Works for me…

Now I’m going to be annoying here… but, as a test, can you add a second one, and test if it remembers it?

I wanna make sure this works, as it works for us here.

Confirmed, works!

Thanks for letting me know, good to hear that!