Save Selection

Is there a way to save my selection? (the items I check boxed)

That way I can “Print to PDF” part of my wishlist - to hand over to others (but I need to re-select my items everytime). Of course I could add a custom tag then use the “0 - Z” to display only that specific tag (haven’t found a filter possibility yet) - and then use “Select all”.

Maybe it is an idea to add “Save list” - let me save it under my own name… so I can save multiple lists.

I think Tags is the way to go there if you often want to quickly see a particular set of games.

So check them, then use Edit Multiple and set a tag for those games.

Then, you can filter (foldergroup) on them by clicking the Folder button top left, then click “Tags” and then it will group by tags. Click the tag folder you want to see and all games with that tag will be showing directly!

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