Saving changes to collections

Does anyone know if you update one of your collections let’s say “Series” and you add personal notes to a book. Does it update the sub collections that you make for your personal collection? Like my “King Kong Comics” at the bottom of the image. Is there a link between the two collections to update both?

The “pick lists” are shared between collections. So if you rename a series in one collection, it will also use that series name for that series in your other collections (if you have a comic of that series in that other collection).

Same goes for all pick list fields.

It does not work if you have 3 copies of “Absolute Carnage #1” spread out in 3 collections, and you make a note to one of the comics, because the app sees those as 3 loose comics - they are not connected.

Let me know if that is the information you were looking for!