Saving split screen position on Logout

Don’t know if this is a feature request or not, but each time I login to my database the split screen split reverts to the middle of the screen and not where I had adjusted it at the last login. Easy to adjust and not a big deal, just a little annoying. I did not find anything in settings to address this. Thanks.

That is strange. Settings like that should be saved in your online account.

This IS about Music Connect, right?

Correct. I just tried it again and same thing. I am on a trial period since just switching over from Collectorz desktop if that makes a difference. And I have not yet deleted the desktop software (still evaluating Music Connect) if that makes a difference.

I think I solved my problem. I clicked on the Layout button and selected Vertical Split. After that it kept the layout on next login.

I may have spoke too soon. Happened again lately. Clicked the vertical split again and that seems to work but doesn’t keep the split position on after a few logins. Will fool around a little to try to isolate the problem. Might be a bug though.

I tried here and it works for me.

  • can you please confirm this is about Music Connect (and not the CLZ Cloud site)?
  • can you show me a screenshot of your screen layout before you log out?

Here is the screenshot before logout:

Here is the screenshot after login:

Might this have something to do with cookies?

Yes, this is probably to related to cookies / local storage.
Do you maybe have your browser set up to remove all local data on exit?

I set the browser and also CCleaner to not clear cookies from and this seems to be working for a few days trying so far. But it also means that using a different browser/machine will bring back the behavior. Couldn’t this be corrected by saving the desired position on your server associated with the accounts instead of with cookies?

Good to hear that worked.

Yes this likely could be solved like that, but if you use different devices, with different screensizes, it might pose troubles. I for one would rather have my small macbook have a certain layout, versus my iPad or big computer screen in the office!

We could, and many (most?) settings ARE saved server side, in your account.
However, we deliberately opted to save THIS setting in a local cookie, as your panel size are very specific to the computer and screen size you are using.