Scanning to update location

Challenge-I finally have shelves for several hundred books that have been in storage. I’ve placed them on different shelves and would like to update the location to shelf/room they are now located. Is barcode scanner ability ONLY for adding books to collection? Or can I scan to see books already in my collection then update location?

Thank you!

Using CLZ Scanner app:

  • Open the program
  • Open CLZ Scanner
  • Put cursor in the search box top right and scan a book
  • It should put the ISBN in the search bar top right and find it in your collection.
  • You can now edit the book and modify the location.

Same will work for other scanners if they work like a keyboard (put cursor in search box top right, and scan an ISBN to select the book in your collection).

If the ISBN is not found in your collection, the Add Books screen wil open.

It will be a one-by-one operation though!
There is no option right now to “make a selection based on scanning multiple books” and then edit all of them in batch, although that is on the ideas list here!