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Hi, I have 9 collections in the Movie Collect, sorting my DVD/Blu-Ray discs by various categories such as =Horror, SF etc. and wondered whether it is possible to search all at one time. The search feature, as far as I can tell, only searches the collection that is open.
Thank You

Sorry, that is not possible.
In fact, once you feel the need to search across collections, that probably means you are using collections for the wrong reasons and should be using ONE collection instead, with folders for your sub sets.

Have you considered just using Genre folders?

Thanks Alwin,
Good to know I have not missed it. Most of the time this is not an issue as my Blu-Ray is in the correct collection. However once in a while I put it in the wrong one and need to relocate it. I will look into folders to see if that will do the same thing. Thank you for your quick reply and of course needless to say i love the database

Hi Alwin,
yes that will work - I went to “Manage Favourites” and selected “Country” and “Genres” and from their can select British Horror - assuming I have the Blu-Ray Disc tagged as such. Indeed this will now allow me to sort and categorize even deeper when I want to. It will take me a little work but as I am re-evaluating my collection this is a good time to do this.
Thank You