Search by Box Number and Search by Number Ranges

Is there a way to search by box number or name in Comic Connect? For example, let us say that I have a collection 300 boxes of comics, and I want to know what comics are found in box 233. Is that possible?

Second, are there plans to add a search feature for non-consecutive (disjointed) number sets. Let’s say I am cataloging a box of comics, and in it I find Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1, 250, 273-278, 330, 350-354? At present, it seems that I would have to search for each comic individually to enter it in my collection, or I would have to call up the whole ASM series. Is there a plan to add a search feature for non-consecutive number sets like that found on Thank you.

I recommend clicking the folder icon top left, then group by Storage Box.

You now have a list of all boxes you have. You can filter down in that list with the little search box above it!

(You can also group by Storage Box first, then Series)

As for your second question, what do you mean exactly? Would you like to use the Add Comics screen to “type in” the numbers 250, 273-278, 330, and it would just add those issues?

On my first question, thank you! On the second question, yes. It would be great if the Add Comics screen allowed one to type in, find and add a fixed range of issues or to find and add a non-sequential ranges of issues. I am currently cataloging a large collection in a relatively small space. While in many of the boxes, the books are alphabetized and sorted numerically, many, many additional boxes have random sets comics. In the same box, there may be 10 issues of ASM with various numberings (25, 33-36, 38), ten issues of Detective with random numberings, and so on. An Add Comics search feature that would allow one to find fixed sequences (10-23) or non-sequential (disjoint) numbers of issues (250, 273-278, 330) would make entry of boxes filled with random comics into the program faster and easier. Thank you for responding so quickly! Wow!!

I understand your request. I do kinda like it, but I can’t make promises.

What would happen though if for those comics you’d have like say 2 or 10 variants. Would they all show? You’d still have to make your selection per issue, which variant you own. Like you have to do now if you use the “issue search” that Comic Connect provides in the Add Comics screen.

So searching ASM 25, 33-36, 38 might come up with say 30 issues (because of variants) and you’d still have to choose. It may require some form of new screen where that process would be made easy. Not undoable, but you’d still have to choose stuff. You would be okay with that?

In fact currently if you search Amazing Spider-Man 10 in the “by issue search”, you would get different issues 10 from different AMS series.

So this sequential search would also need some form of “first select your series” - perhaps it would even be a search that you can only do after first searching/tapping a specific series.

I like it, but we would have to think hard about a logical way to implement this if we do. Still, good idea, thank you for sharing.

Yes, multiple variants would show. I would be okay with sorting through multiple variants to choose the issues I want to add to the collection. That task seems unavoidable given the extraordinary proliferation of variants these days. For an idea of how it might be implemented, check out There are many similarities between’s search feature and CLZ’s. I just visited there and entered this search: “amazing spider-man 25, 36-38, 40-55.” The result of the search is that a list of all the series that include any or all of those issue numbers appears in chronological order. Then the user selects the series in which he is interested. And, yes, all the variants for all the searched-for issue numbers appear. I still find it easier than searching for single issues (which also will yield a huge number of variants). I recently added the full run of Image’s Nocterra to my collection. I own one variant of issue #1. To my astonishment, it was necessary to search through 40 variants of issue #1 to find the one variant I own. So, yes, I can live with that. Check out mycomicshop’s search engine feature. I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks for listening and thanks for responding! I appreciate it!!

Sorry for eavesdropping…
Did you say 300 boxes…?
That sounds like a nightmare for indexing wow
Where to start , dang

Thanks for explaining and showing me.
One more question, would you use this even after you’ve entered your 300 boxes?

Yes. I think it would be a useful permanent addition to the program for all users. The search feature I am suggesting would be especially useful when cataloging older comics (where variants are few), but it would still be useful for newer books, as well. In any case, thank you for listening and considering my suggestion! Whether this feature is added or not, I still love the program. May I share a brief anecdote? This past weekend I was shopping at Vortex Comics, a small, well organized comic shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My attention was drawn to a customer who was busily amassing a large stack of Batman back issues. Beside her stood my brother-in-law, a connoisseur of comics himself, methodically scouring through boxes armed with nothing but his trusty dog-eared notebook. When she bumped into him, she said, “A notebook? That’s bold!” She then pulled her smartphone from her back pocket, “The shop owner introduced me to a great app!” I chimed in immediately, “CLX, right?!” She replied, “Yes!” She then showed me her impressively large Batman collection, meticulously organized in CLX. “I wouldn’t tackle the task of filling my Batman collection without it,” she said. She shared tips with regarding use of the program. The store owner joined the conversation, praising CLX, saying that he finds it an essential tool.

I am really enjoying using it. Thank you again.

Personally, I prefer CLZ over CLX.

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LoL! Forgive my typo! I said CLZ!

My only excuse is that I was at work when writing and typing furiously. Even I cannot explain how I could have screwed up and written CLX three times. Sorry!