Search for comics I've added manually/changed

I only recently discovered the “submit to Core” feature, despite using the software for several years now (guess I should have paid more attention to the manual :sweat_smile:). I know I’ve updated and added a lot of comics over the course of my usage, and I’ve started adding the ones I’m pretty confident about (thought I apologize to the Core folks who look at my early submissions from this morning where I was still figuring it out), but it would be nice if I could filter search for comics I’ve added manually or made significant changes/updates to. Does that option exist in the desktop or mobile app somewhere?

You can find the comics that aren’t linked to the Core. In Collector, go to the “CLZ Core” menu then choose Batch Link Comics. If you select that, it will show you the comics that aren’t linked (and will give you the option to link them if those comics are now indexed in the Core). That should help identity anything that you have manually added.

I don’t know of a way to find comics that you have “made significant changes/updates to.” If you select a comic and update from Core, it will tell you if a change was made but not what that change was.

The developers can correct me, but I’m pretty sure they would prefer missing comics or errors in the Core be reported on this site in the appropriate subforum (as opposed to using the Submit to Core option). There were several comments on the Facebook group a while back about how unusable a lot of the submission data was and how tempted they were to delete the entire backlog. Posts here allow for back-and-forth with the editors and the submitter to get clarifying information as needed…

Thank you! That’s very helpful, and seems to be working better than the method I found after posting this of filtering for comics without a CLZ Code.

As for the use of the Submit to Core feature, I’ll try to keep that in mind as well. I understand the frustration (I’ve certainly encountered a bunch of books with erroneous or missing basic information), but I do try to make the info as accurate and complete as possible. Should I resubmit things I’ve sent through Submit to the Forum, or wait until there’s some kind of confirmation?

That is correct.

If you see comics missing from Core, please report them on this forum, not through the Submit tool. The advantage of that is that we can have an actual conversation, e.g. to ask you for more details if needed.

Okay, I’ll do that going forward. Should I resubmit the comics/changes I already submitted to Core on the forums?

Yes, that is a good idea.