Search is now broken

Since the new search mechanism was added, I’m finding that the search feature is now broken. Currently, it will either take 30+ seconds to show results, or if I click the result, nothing happens.

I can reproduce this every time. Please see the screenshot for an example, and I’ll explain it the best way I can…

I search for an album. For this example, I initually searched for “OMD Remixes”. One result, as I expected. I click it, and I get the circle of doom for about 45 seconds. Eventually the result shows.

Following this, I searched for “The Greatest Flame” - it also showed up only one result, as shown in the search bar. I click this result, and nothing. The only change is that it populates the text box. I’ve reproduced this in both Chrome, and Edge.

“View All Results” does still work, but I find this is much less accurate, showing a long list of matched albums.

We had one other user report a similar problem.
Seems to be limited to Music Connect.

We will look into this first thing tomorrow morning.

This has now been fixed. The search should now be fast again.

Can you please let me know if that worked for you or not?

Sadly not, just done a search and it took about 75 seconds

EDIT: After a play around, it seems to have improved, but it still is taking 10 seconds to search. The original issue with selecting the entry and the search not commencing still remains

Note that this is ONLY affecting the preview search results. If I either press return to search, or click “View All Results”, the search works, and at normal speed.

UPDATE: Been away for a few hours, I tried a new search, namely for the single “Assassin” in my collection. I clicked the search result. It took just over a minute to appear. (roughly, was just counted in my head). I search for the same word, click the search result, and it takes about 8 seconds to appear. It seems like there’s a caching issue somewhere?

The above bug has been fixed. All searches in your current view should now take between 6 and 8 seconds.

However, part of that slowness is because of the columns you have selected.
In particular, the Length column is making it slow.

I have created a column set in your account called “Minimal”, which has only Artist and Title list. When using that column set, the search times drop to about 2 secs.

Just confirming everything is working OK now. Went away for a few days, came back, and everything is as it should be, without having to change columns, etc. No reoccurence of the above.

Curious as to why the Length field was pointed out as a potential problem though? It worked fine before, works fine now, just seemed to be the couple of days after the new search was introduced.

Good to hear that. We indeed fixed a bug in the new search code. The bug was making the highlighting of the selected album very slow.

It still is a problem. Having the Length field as a column will still make all your list refreshes much slower than without. Have you tried that?

This is because the retrieval of the total length of an album requires a much more complex SQL query that includes the disc table AND sums the lengths of the discs.
Just try removing the length field and see how much snappier everything becomes.