Hi I’m currently cataloging which album I have in which box.Obviously it started at 1 and I finished number 12 when I mistakenly created another box 12 instead of 13.This new No.12 box appeared between 11 and the original 12.I deleted it and created a box 13 but box 13 now comes after box 11 and before box 12.I’ve now created up to box 19 and box 12 still appears below that at the end.How can I put it back in the proper sequence?Thanks for any help I may be given.

For clarification, when you say “box,” which field are you referring to, Location? And when you say they appear out of sequence, what view is this in?

A screenshot would help here too if you can post that?

I go into edit-personal-location then type “box 1,2 etc”

Be sure there’s a space between Box & 12, like this: Box 12. It’s sorting as if Box 12 is one word.

Yeah what voicerboy is saying, the box is named:


But it should be

Box 12

Notice the space!


You can change this by opening the menu top left, then tap Manage Pick Lists, then go to Location, and then tap on Box12, and put a space between Box and 12.

That done it.Thanks very much.

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