Series/Box pulls

I am sure I am just overlooking it, but if I have 1 series spread over 10 boxes, is there a way to see that in one list instead of clicking into each issue?

Have you played with multi-level folders? You could create a Series / Storage Box folder if you don’t already have it. Then when you tap on that, you would see Batman, Vol. 1, Spectacular Spider-Man, X-Men, Vol. 2, etc. (the various series you own). Then when you tap on Batman, Vol. 1, you would see the various storage boxes that series is in. The when you tap on that storage box, you’d see the issues in that box.

Does that give you what you want?

The Woods, I have spread across many boxes.

Here are the various boxes

If you tap on All Comics at the top, it’ll list all of them together.

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Ok, so I just had a chance to get into it and realized I was still missing something. I kept missing that I was looking at storage box/series. Both of you helped get me there. Thanks!