Series Episode Questions

Each time I download a TV/ DVD multidisc series from the core I encounter a reoccurring problem with the chapter/episode’s being all jammed onto one single disc. I downloaded a random TV DVD set “The Walking Dead Season 6” Barcode 9321337167817 as an example.

Additionally, sometimes the individual episode’s details are missing or are wrong and the Media Format & URL’s are always empty. Should we be submitting this for addition/correction? Or is this something we are left to ourselves to edit?

I have 435 total TV Series Seasons, both bought individually and as a complete series, and all the episodes have always been on one disc and the URL/IMDb URL have been empty. I have always figured that that was the way it was.

As for the episode details, the only thing that I can recall or have seen recently, is some the photos for a Star Trek: Voyager season have been off for about 8-10 episodes by one episode (photo for episode 10 shows for episode 11). I will have to look it up and probably submit it.


There are more fields that have been added to Movie Collector over time that users wanted to have, that we felt were cool to add in, which the user can fill in. Not everything comes from Core, and not everything exists in Core.

Our Core has no information on which disc which episode is. We also don’t have “media format” in our Core.

So you will get “the amount of discs” if we have it, and all episodes, which indeed will be put on Disc 1.

You can drag/drop episodes to other discs if knowing which disc an episode is on is important to have in your database.

We also do not have IMDB URLs for episodes, but the field is there for you to use/fill in if you want to.

Thanks AJ,
Kind of what I figured, just thought I’d ask.