There are a few titles I have that when I add a new issue to my collection within those titles, they automatically have a Series Group applied that I don’t want. I then have to manually edit the Series Group for those books…wvery time I add a new one. It’s rather irritating, and I don’t know how to make it stop.

I’ve tried editing the Series Group for the entire title(s) multiple times with no joy. I’ve tried getting rid of the particular Series Group altogether…and it just keeps coming back.

Any help?

I am afraid that can’t be stopped. Series Group is a field that comes from Core for many comics.
But… editing the Series Group for an entire Series should certainly work. What happened when you tried to do that?

I’ve tried editing the entire titles (all four of them that this is heppening to) many times and it never works to fix it.

How are you trying that exactly?
With the Edit Multiple tool this should really work.

I did it that way. I tried uploading a video of it all happening but I’m prevented from doi g so as a “new user” (though I’ve been following the Facebook page for a few years now).

You can send me the file(s) via: