Setting the default music player

I have a bit of a strange one here: I can play a single track from Music Collector desktop program, and it launches my default player, MusicBee. However, when I try to play an entire album, clicking on the play icon, it launches Window Media Player. I have MusicBee set as the default player in Windows, so I’m a bit confused why this is happening. Is there a place in Music Collector where I can set the default player to my preferred player, MusicBee?

When you play ONE track, Music Collector just “starts” that file, as if you double clicked it in Windows Explorer. This will start the player that is associated with the music file’s file type (extension).

However, when you play at the disc or album level, Music Collector first creates a temporary play list file, in .m3u format, and starts that play list file.

So to make that work, you will have to associate the .m3u file type with your desired player program.

Change default programs for certain filetypes on Windows 10: