Can’t seem to find the Share icon

You can email people your list by just sending them your public CLZ Cloud link:

To find the link yourself: It is hiding under “CLZ Cloud > View my collection in CLZ Cloud”

For anyone else reading this, to make this work, you do need to go to CLZ Cloud > Synchronize first to make sure your items are synced to your Cloud!

By default, user clouds are set to “Private” though, so if you want others to see your list:

  1. Log in on that page (found via menu CLZ Cloud > View my collection in CLZ Cloud)
  2. Click the menu top left
  3. Click “CLZ Cloud Sharing”
  4. Set your CLZ Cloud visibility to Partial or Public.

(you could also set up a “secret” link there, so only people with the link can visit your page).

For you, @MyCDcollection, your cloud was already set to public I noticed!

Let me know if you have any further questions!

Are you maybe referring to the Share icon for installing Club CLZ as an app on your phone?

@MyCDcollection ?