Shelves issue


Sorry if my issue has already been discussed but I haven’t found anything on that on the forum.

I like the shelves view and I don’t understand why all of a sudden it seems to not refresh. It happens very randomly. One time when I edit a movie, another time the view will be empty the next time I launch Movie Connect. I couldn’t find the reason why the issue appears.

I notice that also the covers view is empty, but not the cards and lists (those I can see).

In my example below, you can see that the movie is displayed in the edit window (on the right) but the shelves are empty (on the left). And the weird fact is that if I use the right or left arrow on my keyboard, the movies will scroll correctly in the edit window.

Thank you for your help (maybe I miss something very simple).

Since I posted I haven’t had any issue anymore. It’s seems ok now. :+1: