Should runtime be linked to the edition?

Runtime seems to be sourced from IMDb at the moment. Could it be moved to edition, i.e. be a field specific to the edition and not the movie? Runtimes especially of PAL DVDs or directors cuts vary quite a bit from the movie runtime.

Our Core database currently has one runtime for a movie.

Indeed for some movies it can vary a lot, but for most movies it does not.

In the case where it varies, you can of course edit the time yourself to the time of the version you own.

That’s what I do. An additional runtime field or one specific to the edition would however remove that need. As long as someone puts in the correct value. It’s not a big issue, true. But it is something everyone needs to do manually, if they want the actual runtime of a movie.

The main problem is, even IF we would store a runtime per edition in Core, where would we source that info? We simply do not have that information available to us.

Maybe something like the custom cast and crew approach? The info is only really available to those owning a disc, I guess. Sometimes it’s on the back cover, but that won’t solve your predicament.

It’s more of a nice to have.

Can you explain in greater detail how this helps us get the exact runtime per edition?

I don’t understand the custom cast/crew approach:
The runtime field is already downloaded from Core, like cast/crew.
Editing the runtime field yourself is already possible (no need to set it to custom).

The runtime of a DVD is different quite often from the movies original runtime, due to PAL speedup or such. Sometimes an edition might be cut or extended.

My understanding is, that core only uses the movie runtime from IMDb, which may differ from a specific edition, e.g. a specific DVD.

However, the runtime of a specific edition will be the same for every user with this edition, right? So providing the runtime for a specific EAN will provide that information to everyone synching with core. Of course, changing the runtime manually works perfectly. My reasoning is, that by setting runtime specific to an EAN, everyone profits from that data.

IMHO, the actual runtime of a specific disc is the more useful information. But it’s not a deal breaker, as one can change it individually, of course.

Of course we understand that runtimes can differ per edition. We are fully aware of that.

But the point is : we do not have access to that kind of information. We simply do not know the specific runtimes for specific release, neither do we have a source for that information.

I full agree it would be nice to have, but I do not see this happening, sorry.

If it’s not feasible, it’s ok. It’s not too much work changing it manually anyway.
Thank you!