Show Location on list

Hi - is there any way I can show the location of a book when I look at the list? Currently it shows Title, Author, Read/Unread….but I can’t see a way to add Location. Anyone know if this can be done?

It is currently not possible to add a field to the listview there.
That has been requested before and is on our radar.

Would it help you if you foldergroup by location? (Tap the folder icon top left, then group by location?)

Thanks for letting me know, I think it will be a helpful feature. Folders could work, but then you lose grouping by author which is probably more beneficial. At least your reply stops me looking for something I can’t do, so I do appreciate the update.

No need to lose the grouping by Author. You can use multiple folder levels.

OK thanks, I’ll take a look

vielleicht hab ich etwas falsch verstanden, aber den Standort kann ich mir doch als Spalte in der Liste (oder Tabelle) über “Spalten” rechts oben anzeigen lassen.
MfG G.L.

Please note the above topic is about the CLZ Books MOBILE app.