Show number of each movie

When I am on my main page that lists all of my movies in alphabetical order, is it possible to show a number beside each movie title, starting with 1 for the first movie and ending with the last movie in my collection?

To answer your question directly: there is no “row number” that can be switched on. I think that is what you’re looking for.

However, you might find this useful:
You could use the Index field (modify your columns, then add the index field).

That is a “set” number for a movie though.

This is how the index field works when all settings are default:

  • People use the Index numbers for stuff like putting stickers with a number on their DVDs (to easily locate them in their DVD room). Therefor, each Index number is only used Once.

  • When a number is deleted, the next added DVD will still increment on the last added DVD.

  • If you have #s 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

  • You delete #4

  • The next DVD you add will automatically be #11. #4 will not return.

  • If you manually change #11 to #4, the next DVD you add will be #12 - so you will be missing #11.

If you don’t want the software to Auto Increment Index you can turn this off in the software:

  • Go to Tools > Options and turn off: Auto Increment Index.
  • Now add a DVD, and change the Index to whatever you want (default will be zero now that you’ve turned off Auto Increment Index)
  • If you’ve filled in the gaps, you can turn Auto Increment Index back on again.

If you automatically want to fill in the gaps, you can re-assign Index numbers:

  • Click Tools > Maintenance > Re-Assign Index fields
  • This will open a screen where you can say what the movie database should sort on before re-assigning new index numbers to ALL movies.
  • Note: You can not reverse this action.

Manually change index number:

  • Right click the movie
  • Click “EDIT MOVIE”
  • Change the number in the INDEX field for that movie.
  • Hit OK

I hope this information helps.

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Thank you for the reply! Is “row numbering” something that might be included in a future update to Movie Collector?

It has been requested before and is on the ideas list but I can’t promise anything. Same for Movie Connect.