Slab Label Type Changes Randomly

Does anyone else have an issue with the prefilled label type changing between entering multiple graded comics? After choosing Universal and entering a comic the next one prefills with Signature Series or Restored.

Hi there, that is strange indeed.
Is this about the Pre-fill screen? The screen that pops up while adding comics? If so, do you see the different label type in that screen too? Or does it show the correct one there?

@PinkyPanther we were able to reproduce here that while adding a new comic, the “Slab Label Type” field in “pre-fill” would “reset” to “nothing”.

I was not able to reproduce the issue where it would pick a different label type though. Is that what you are seeing?

Yes. The Label Type for additional entries changes to another label type. Usually it’s Yellow label Sig Series. All the other prefill settings like grade, cert number etc are the same for the book that was just entered. The label type changes.

Can you confirm the label type changes to “nothing” for you too?

For me it changes to either signature series or a green qualified label. Sometimes it remains blue. Not sure how to reproducibly elicit the problem.

I guess the main question is, do you actually see the value of that field change in the Pre-fill screen? Or just in the added comics?

It is changed before the 2nd comic is added.

But… do you actually see the value of that field change INSIDE the Pre-fill screen?

Not sure what you’re asking. For the second comic all the variables are prefilled with the same values as the first comic that I had just entered. Except the label type is different.

I am asking about the Pre-fill screen, whether you already see the wrong label type there.

This screen:

Yes. It’s prefilled incorrectly