Small v9.0.2 update now available


  • Check Value screen will now highlight titles/barcodes to show if you already have them in your collection (blue = in collection, orange = wish list, etc…)
  • Added 3 new platform icons: MSX, MSX 2 and Atomiswave

Fixed for iOS:

  • Search as you Type was not working in the “Check Value” screen (by Title)
  • A crash could occur on devices running iOS12
  • Update from Core now leaves the value alone (use Update Values to get new values)

Fixed for Android:

  • A crash could occur during downsyncing

Thank you, Alwin. Is there still a plan to add “Add to Wish List” on the Check Value screen?

We are not sure yet.
We feel that other users may want “add to collection” too, or “add as on order”, etc…
The risk is that after a while, we may have replicated the entire Add Games screen inside the Check Value screen and that is exactly what we were trying to avoid…


The way I’d look at it is that “Add to Wish List” is the only status where the value really matters. If something is “On Order” or “In Collection” then it’s already owned and paid for. For me it’s just a common workflow that I check the value of something I may be interested in buying in the future.

I updated to 9.0.3 to give it a go. I added a game to wish list (not knowing the value), then went in to the platform, reviewed the value, and deleted the item as it was too expensive to be realistically something I’d buy. It’s just not efficient for me. I’ve gone back to 8.4.5 for now but since I have Game Collector (which I consider the “grand opus” given all the functionality and customization), I will probably get by with that and CLZ Cloud.

Thanks for conversing on these subjects.

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FYI: the values are now back in the Add Games screen.
Full details here:

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