[Solved] 2024 not available in Comics by Release Year Stats

I had assumed it would be automatic? Not there after logging comics published in 2024. Same issue in mobile app.

Yes it should definitely work automatically!

I’ve taken the liberty to check your collection, but when I use the folder grouping (*top left in your main screen) and group by Release Year I do not see any comics with release year set to 2024, so that would explain it.

Note that this is a statistic based on Release Year, not “Added Date”

Here’s a screenshot of my collection (test collection) where I added 1 single comic that has release year set to 2024:

Could it be you currently just don’t have any comics added that have the release date set to somewhere in 2024?

My bad! I was one week off. I thought I had added the books from the Jan. 3rd release but was still adding from the last week of Dec. I added one book this AM and 2024 is showing up. Thanks for the support :slightly_smiling_face:

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