[Solved] Duplicate Titles in system

Using CLZ to scan in my comics when purchased, I realized recently that many of my Fire Power comics had been automatically logged in as “Fire Power By Kirkman & Samnee TPB” - when they are actually just regular issues. I went in and changed the name in the system using Comic Connect, but there were TWO separate entries for “Fire Power By Kirkman & Samnee” and I could see no discernable difference between these two entries and despite selecting and changing the Series name
using both titles, I can’t seem to find a way to join all of my issue TOGETHER under one title so they appear as a full run (or almost a full run – #30 comes out soon!). I can’t seem to figure out how to make them all appear as one group. If this is something that has already been addresses somewhere forgive me, but i’m not too familiar with this forum and I couldn’t find anything.

Checking our Core database it seems these are not the Series titles we carry, so I think you’ve created/put your own series name to them, and something went wrong.

You can merge them though!

If the problem of multiple series folders for 1 single serie is happening on your mobile device, here’s what to do:

  1. Click on the menu icon top left
  2. Click “Manage Pick Lists”
  3. Click the dropdown and select the “Series List”
  4. Perform a small search with a word that you know is in both the series folders. (so search for “Kirkman”

You will see this result:

As you can see, they have the same title, but a different Sort title (in light gray)

Check the box in front of one of them, then click the “merge icon” on the right hand side on the other one. This will merge them together!

Can you please let me know if that worked or not?

Yes! This fixed the problem. Not sure how it happened in the first place, but this was the solution I was looking for. Thanks!

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Great, good to hear that :slight_smile: