Sort by Type?

Hello. Just recently downloaded the app and got my collection scanned in. Is it possible to sort them by type and alphabetical? Comic, Trade paperback, Omnibus

Thanks for your help!

Have you found the various folders? You can group them first by Format and then sort those by alphabetical order.

If you just tap on the folder icon / Series above, you will see a whole bunch of options. Each option is a way to divide/analyze your collection. You can group them by publisher, by purchase year, by character, etc.

One of them is Format. That should have Comic, Trade Paperback, Hardcover and more. Tap on the Trade Paperback folder and you should see just those items with that format. That might not work for Omnibus – those might be listed with a format of Hardcover.

But, you can change the Format of your items if you want (tap on a comic, go to Edit and Format is about halfway down on the main screen). So if a format is missing or you just want to change them to your liking, you can (meaning you could create an Omnibus format if you want).

Will those help?

What are you referring to with “type”?
Do you mean Format?

Sorry yes Format. I meant the type of book.

Thank you! That does help. But no Omnibus CLZ needs to add Omnibus. :slight_smile:

The Format list is completely user configurable, you can add “Omnibus” yourself.