Sorting by Artist, Release Date and then Title NOT working

I have a “Managed Favorite” setup where the primary sort is the Artist name, then the Release Date, and finally Title. Unfortunately, the secondary sort (Release Date) is not sorting correctly. The Primary sort (Artist) is working fine but the Release Date is not properly sorting.

How do I get the secondary sort to work properly?

I’m hoping that “upload” will upload an image of the sort image.


The screenshot seems to have sorted the albums only by artist (via clicking the column header for Artist, top left of your screenshot).

When I check your “AZ” sorting button it seems you’ve not created the sorting option for Artist, then Release Date, then Title.

It seems you’ve only added columns for those fields.

Can you click the AZ dropdown icon (the little triangle next to AZ), and then click Manage Favorites, and create your sorting order there.

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