Sorting by last name

Is it possible to sort by artist last name rather than first name? I thought I had done so before, but it seems to have reverted back to the sort by first name.

That is actually default behaviour.

In the Settings screen, under Sorting. Make sure the setting “ignore sort name” is NOT checked.

I tried both ways and it doesn’t change. Do you have to enter the artist as ‘last name’, ‘first name’? of do you just enter ‘first name last name’? i.e. Dylan, Bob vs. Bob Dylan


I’ve just checked your collection in your Music Connect, and I was wondering how most of your albums were entered in the past. It seems that it might have been an import.

During import, no sort name of an artist will have been generated, so Bob Dylan will just be Bob Dylan as name and sort name, and thus sorting with the B.

Since most of them are not linked, they also don’t have tracks by the way.

Can you explain a bit more how these albums entered your database?

I entered them from an Excel spreadsheet.

Because of the import, the names have just been imported as “Bob Dylan” - which also entered the sort name box that way.

Because of the import you currently also have no tracks (does this not bother you?).

To get the artists to sort with “lastname, firstname”, the right sortname has to be entered. You can modify them through Manage Pick Lists, but I would understand that is quite a big job.

But what I would advise is to link your albums first. That way you would also get tracks. To do so, use the menu top left, then find Link Albums (under Import/Export) and follow the steps.

Big job, but that will get you on your way.

Okay. Don’t have time now, maybe in the future. Thanks for the info.