Hi team

Is there a way I can sort, by the stars allocated to movies, ie, how can I find all the movies I have allocated, say, 8 stars in the “My Rating” star box?


You should be able to use My Rating as your folder field, have you tried that?

Hi Alwin

No, but could you expand further on this idea?


Click the folder button top left, then choose My Rating as the folder field.


Great suggestion, as always, thanks.

I have now added “My Rating” as a column, too, so I have a better view of my ratings per movie.

Have a nice weekend.

I do however have another question on the layout.

As I squeeze the columns, to fit more on my monitor, the titles (in the Title bar) get “lost”.

Can I “wrap” the text in the Title Bar? (see screenshot below)

It is not possible to wrap data in there.

That is a feature on Movie Connect, our web app, though!

Well you can offer this to us as-not-so-future-update! We will wait :smiley:

I’m afraid this function is not coming to the Windows program, the list component we use can not do this. I’m really sorry!

Pity, thanks for the answer.