Sorting Issues with Site Updates

I prefer to have compilations show up at the end of my collection in their own section. To do this for the past few years, I would put Various Artists as the artist and then put the sort name as ZZZ Various Artists Album Title. This led to my compilations and soundtracks showing up at the end of my collection and in alphabetical order.

The latest updates seem to have disallowed this. For one thing, you can no longer edit the Artist sort name field. You have to delete what’s there and either add an existing artists or add a new one. Second, entering the data the way I used to doesn’t work - every soundtrack and compilation I’ve added since the update winds up under V for various artists regardless of the ZZZ start name.

Any suggestions?

Can you just change the sort name for all Various Artists to the same thing, ZZZ, then sort by sort name/album title? No need to include the album title in the artist sort name when it can be sorted as a secondary field. That works for me.

You can still do that. In the main screen, in the Artist folder list, hover your mouse over an artist, then click the pencil icon.

Yes, that should work.

Except it doesn’t seem to be working. I put ZZZ and they’re still sorting into V for Various Artists. It’s ignoring the sort code. Never had this issue before.

In Settings, check to make sure “ignore sort names for persons” isn’t checked.

It’s not checked.

Sorry, afraid I’m out of ideas.