Special Featuers & Extras Advice

tl;dr - Looking for advice on how specific people get when adding special features/extras information to their films.

Just getting started so I apologize for my second post today already. I erased my desktop database when I moved from CLZ to Movie Connect + Android App because I had so much nonsense going on through different trial and errors after I had already added my collection. This time around, I am doing it one by one and figuring out the issues as I go.

Anyway, I am fairly particular about my collection database and what content it includes. One thing I really like to have since I do purchase an occasional second version of a film to get different/addition special features is a list of what special features are on the version I already have. I am just looking for advice on how others use this field. Do you keep in generic, like Interviews, Featurettes, Deleted Scenes, etc. or do you get specific, like “Audio Commentary by Kim Kewman & Stephen Jones”.

Appreciate any feedback!

I use Movie Collector and I copy the actual special / bonus features directly from the movie’s cover / slip. and add them to the “Extra Features” Box that I appropriately renamed “Special Features”. Not sure if Movie Connect has this provision? Anyway, hope this helps.


Shows up like this

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I use Movie Collector also, and similar to Roybo, I add the special/extra features to whatever disc they are located on. However, I will get the information from a handful of websites that have reviews on the 4k’s/Blu-rays/DVDs (to a lesser extent) that I have book marked. In cases where the website don’t list any extras or limited, I will usually write them down when I have the disc in my player and then transfer them.

I only add the information once I have actually watch the disc in question as it is part of the whole process I do to massage the entry (update genres, studios, packaging, cast, crew, episodes (if any), etc.).

I also don’t know how much of this translates to Connect.

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Okay, good info and I appreciate both yours and Roybo’s responses. I am using Movie Connect and it has a field for “Extras” but adding them creates a permanent extra to be selected from a list, similiar to adding Audio or Video types, Distributors, etc. I do not understand why because most films will not have the same extras/special features unless you’re giving them generic names like “Featurette” & “Trailer”. I like to put more details about each one on there, especially since I have a lot of Criterions that have loads of special features. I’ve just been dealing with adding it to that space and not reusing anything so far, but it seemed an odd thing to do and I wasn’t sure if this was the right field to do that in.

Havn’t tinkered with Movie Connect, but that really seems like a stupid feature to have it make an ever-growing list like that.

Well based on his screen shots, there is no Episodes tab which is where both you and I, Roybo, add the Special Features information. There not being a Episode tab makes sense base on some of the older posts where it is stated that you can’t update Episodes in Connect.

Correct, the only place I can see episodes is on a TV series. There is nothing for discs other than saying how many discs there are in the case. IDK if it matters that I’m mainly focusing on movies and not television shows, though I do have some I have to do at some point.

I was adding a lot of these to my plex server and including the special features for each film. It is really getting to be huge now with nearing 30TB of data. I decided that I really don’t watch the special features much and I’d just put on the longer ones that are like documentaries but I’d want to log what special features I do have on the discs so when I search my CLZ library, I can see that they have certion SF. Plus, I will buy different versions of the same film simply because of all the added special features it may have compared to an earlier version I have. Or, in the case of Alien 4k/Blu-ray vs. Alien Anthology, both of which have a ton of SF, I just want to know where to find what in my library.

I guess I’ll keep rolling on adding them to that growing list but I’m not sure how it makes sense long term right now.

Thank you all for your help. Please feel free to keep suggesting options as I haven’t gotten far into it and now is the time to change if I see something that would work better.

As there is no specific text box on the Edition tab for listing bonus material as free text, I use the Notes box on the Personal tab for this purpose. I retrieve most of the information about extras on a specific disc from the website DVD Compare (www.dvdcompare.net)

Big fan of DVD Compare, though sometimes it is a little bit of work to find the exact version of your movie. Still, it is an excellent source for movie details that aren’t always listed on the film’s packaging.

I have never used DVD Compare before. Usually use Blu-ray.com and then the back of the case. Blu-ray can be a mixed bag because it really depends who writes up the reviews. Some do a great job and put the length of time and everything, broken down into bullet points so it is easy to see. Others write a big long paragraph and its all kind of mixed up and that makes it more difficult. Thank you both for the suggestion of DVD Compare. I’ll check it out.