Spider-Man You’re Hired

@MrDay-CP , I think there’s a duplicate on the CP side causing a lack of value on the CLZ side…

There is “Spider-Man: You’re Hired” and “Amazing Spider-Man: You’re Hired.”

The “Amazing” series has a variant — and that variant looks like a duplicate of the other issue.

One has a value on the CP side and one does not. CLZ is currently linked to the non-valued version.

Yeah, this is an odd one. There are actually 2 separate books with very similar names. However we incorrectly had one paired with another variant cover when actually they should be separate.

So the original is this one: https://covrprice.com/issue/amazing-spider-man-youre-hired-1

It is a promo from 2010 created in conjunction with the city of New York. It has a cover by Phil Jimenez.

Then, there is a 2011 book that looks very similar but it is different. It collects the contents of that 2010 promo, but also adds some story content from several ASM series books. That book is here: Spider-Man: You’re Hired #1 - Dale Keown - Regular - CovrPrice (even though it says “The Amazing Spider-Man”, its actually just “Spider-Man: You’re Hired!”)

So the CLZ folks may need to do some relinking to make sure the right CP books are linked to the right CLZ books.

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