Stan Lee Tribute

I’m not finding “Stan Lee Tribute.”

Writers: Jay Sanford & Michael Frizell
Pencils: Dave Ryan
Letters: Kenneth Parrish & Benjamin Glibert
Edits: Todd Loren & Darren G. Davis
Cover: Serkan

Black and white interiors

Publisher: Tidalwave Productions in 2023

There are four versions:

  • a color version limited to 250
  • a b&w version limited to 150
  • a color metal version limited to 20
  • a b&w metal version limited to 10

More information from Izzy’s

Looks to be a reprint of this issue

ISBN 9781949738636 - Tribute: Stan Lee (Paperback or Softback) (

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@NodNolan @Reinharc the series ‘Tribute: Stan Lee’ has been added, thank you for reporting.

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