Two of the columns in my database are the original cover price of the comics and the next column is my value according to Overstreet. Is there a way to pull charts comparing the original vs current value totals?

The “value according to Overstreet”… are you manually entering that value? If so, into which field?
If you are using the My Value field for that, the Statistics screen should show totals of that.

Yes, I’m going into edit comic, selecting the value tab, and entering the dollar amount in the “my value” box.

Then you should see the Totals in Statistics.

This is what I see under statistics. So total is my value and cover price is the listed cover price when the comic was originally sold?

I think the COVR Price header threw me off since I don’t have a subscription.

That is correct.

Maybe consider a CovrPrice subscription?
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Much appreciated.