Status Report - Issue with most recent hardware additions

Most recent hardware additions tap to show all brings up most recent additions, not hardware additions.

Using CLZ Games v9.0.2 on Pixel 6 14



Can you explain in greater detail what you mean, is this about the Statistics screen? Or sorting by Date Added in your main screen?

It’s in the stats screen

We were able to reproduce this issue now in the Statistics screen, when you tap on “tap to show all”, it seems to give a list of most recent games instead of hardware.

We’ll work on getting that fixed.

I have a workaround:
In your main list of games, tap the folder button top left, then group by “Games/Hardware

Then tap on the Hardware folder.
Then tap on the “AZ” sort button, top right, and then sort by “Date Added”.

Hope that helps a bit!
Thanks for reporting this issue.

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