Storage Box Feature

I have a request for a new feature. I am in the process of organizing my collection and cataloging them in storage boxes. I have like 25-30 boxes so it’s going to take a while and I should have done this a long time ago but, hey, I’m trying now. Anyways, when I pull up the books there is no way for me to see what box books are in or at least I don’t know how but just pulling up the images. For example, look at the image I am sharing. I wish I could see which storage box each book is in with this view so I can then go grab them from their respected boxes and consolidate them if I wish. Right now I have to click on each book and see which box it’s in. I hope that makes sense but if not just chime in and I’ll try to explain better.

Or you can add storage box into the sort feature that would be helpful too!


Have you found the folders feature?

Mine is currently set to Series. If you tap on that word Series, you get a LOT of ways to filter your collection. You can switch to the Publishers folder, the Characters folder, the Artist folder and a LOT more, including a Storage Box folder.

That Storage Box folder may give you what you want.

You can also create new multilevel folders. For example, you could have a Storage Box / Series folder. That would show you first all of your storage boxes and then show you the series within them. You may also find the Series / Storage Box view helpful. Then you would see Creepshow and when you would tap on Creepshow, it would show you the various storage boxes that series is in.

Either the Storage Box / Series or the Series / Storage Box options may already be in your list. If not, you can create them (scroll down to the bottom of your FAVORITES folders and you’ll see an option to Add New Favorite). When the developers first added that feature, they added a lot that they expected would be common. I have since added some of my own, and so I don’t recall what was added by the developers and what I added myself.

When you’re done, tap on that folder icon and switch back to the Series folder to get you back to what you’re probably used to seeing.

See if that helps…

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Thanks for the comment. I am aware of the folders and use them frequently. Even with what you suggest I cannot do what I am trying to do.

For example, let’s say I have 50 avenger books and right now they are stored in different boxes. I want to be able to pull up all my avenger books and at a glance see what storage box they are in so I can grab them and then consolidate them into one box. The folders feature would work if I can then sort by storage box but right now it just lets me sort by A-Z or Z-A unless I am missing how to do that.

The Series / Storage Box multilevel folder would get you close.

You would see Avengers, Batman, Superman (the various series you own).

Then when you tap on a series, you would see Box 1, Box 12, Box 16 (all of the boxes ghat series is in).

Then when you would tap on that Box, you would see which issue(s) from that series are in that box.

So that would allow you too see pretty quickly which boxes contain issues from Avengers.

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Yes! I think that will work for my purposes. Thanks a bunch. I’ll give this a go and see how it goes with my cataloging. It’s a long process but I think will be worth it when done.