Not being tech savvy I could use some help here,please.I store my cd collection in plastic boxes of around 27 per box.If I were to number each box,is there any way to put that box number next to the cd information to enable me to quickly find which cd is in which box?Thanks

When you Edit Album, the first tab, General, has a Location field. You can enter “Box 17” in that field. That will show up at the bottom of Flex display template. Didn’t try any other templates, but probably all or most will do the same.

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Indeed, the Location field is the way to go. It is on the “Personal” tab of the Edit screen.

On CLZ Music, the mobile app, you can tap an album, then tap “Edit”.
Now at the top tap on “Personal” (you may need to scroll the tabs to find Personal)

Then enter “Box 16” or something in the Location field.
Save it.

You can then see the location field in the details of the album.

Want to group by Location to see all albums per box? That is possible to:
In your main collection view, tap the folder button top left, and make it group by Location. You can then see all albums from a particular box grouped by that box.

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Got it now.Thanks very much for replying so quickly and guiding me to an option.

Thanks for your help