Strange price

I really don’t think the last update in the photo is correct. All of a sudden price going down to£3 for a slabbed comic? And this is a second one in a few days.

This is the other

Dark Avengers #1 sale is legit. This is what can happen when you put up a modern non-super high grade slab for sale on auction.

A CGC 9.0 copy went for $8 back in October. Again, a single bid auction on a less than 9.8 modern slab.

On the BRZRKR #5, there was an odd sale in there that we couldn’t currently independently confirm so its been removed. As such the slabbed 9.4 price is now set to $35, but keep in mind that’s from a single sale from over a year ago… NM copies are selling under $6 raw so my guess is a slabbed 9.4 would likely go for less than that one year old sale indicates.