Studio "Array"?

In the last couple of weeks every time when I add a new title (using the barcode) I get the name “Array” in the Studios field instead of Warner Bros. Pictures, Paramount Pictures etc. Is there something going wrong with the data retrieval from your core

Weird, looks like something is wrong with our IMDb connection.
Will look into that ASAP!

This has now been resolved.
We have fixed the original problem that caused this and after that we updated all movies with Studio = Array with the correct Studio information.

To fix your entries, use Update from Core with the Studio field set to REPLACE.

Hi Alwin,
Thanks for your feedback! Currently I have no new discs to add and check if it works. I had already updated the wrong studio info in my collection with the correct info. Apart from that, more than once I notice that not every piece of information in the IMDb database is correct. A production company is not always the same as a film studio. But fortunately you offer the option in your software to correct this in what I think is the correct studio name. Or names if more studios are involved. Keep up the good work!

Would suggest anyone who added movies very recently (Timeframe? @CLZ_Alwin ) to check their collection sorting via studio and then update any with “Studio Array”. I only found 2, easy fix for me. Your milage will vary…

I only had one Blu-ray that had Array show for Studio. As Alwin and roybo say, easy fix by filtering Studio = Array and updating any that show up with Update From Core. Just remember to set you studio field back to what it was before you updated otherwise things could change down the road if you have updated the Studio field with additional names.

So in searching my Studio List, I have 5 titles with Array listed. But I don’t know which titles they are. How do I zero in on them to change them?


You have to folder on Studio to find them.

To do this:
Click the folder button top left , then group by STUDIO.

Then click the Array studio, and you see them all!

Thank you!

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