Submitted APVs

Hello! I hope this is the right area.

Is there a way to track submissions? I have submitted to Core new, and updated existing APVs. I’m not sure when a submission is accepted or rejected.

I’m trying to hone my submission skills but don’t know where I stand :slight_smile:


I have done a quick check but all of those AU price variants have been processed into the Core already. You should be able to find them in the Add Comics screen?

BTW: For reporting missing variants (including AU price variants), this forum is the recommended place now. So not through the Submit to Core system anymore.

Thanks for replying! Adding to CLZ then the work of posting to Club CLZ via app or PC is very inconvenient. Considering I’m in CLZ either having added a new or updated an existing variant, Submit to Core is convenient. Without it, exiting the app and replaying changes in multiple posts on a forum is unlikely. Unless I’m missing how this is easier?

No need to make separate posts with lots of info.
Just one post for all APVs, with a quick list of issue numbers that have APVs will be sufficient. In fact, that is much more efficient.