Submitting a new album to Core

Core/Cloud are previously unexplored areas for me but:
I found a couple of useful (admittedly bootleg) CDs not in the Core. ‘Submit Album to Core’ under CLZ Core (not CLZ Cloud as in online manual) responds can’t submit as it doesn’t have a CD ID. Well it wouldn’t have at this stage surely.
I have submitted additional data to an existing Core entry and that worked really well.
I suspect this is a case of ‘operator error’!
Looking around the Core I’ve been hugely impressed but its content, including for example one of my earliest unusual records, an Australian EP from 1965.

Our own Core for Music database is a CD database only.
That is why you can only submit CDs to Core and only after adding the CD by scanning the actual disc in your computer (to scan the CD-ID).

Thanks Alwin - got it! I said it was ‘operator error’!
Just tried scanning the CD; not in the Core (obviously) but no CD-ID found on the disc. I must have chosen a really bad example.
The Applejacks - Everybody Fall Down! The Best of The Applejacks 1964/5, Beat Merchant Records 6691. CD bought at Record Fair maybe 30 years ago,
You probably don’t want the Core tainted with bootlegs.

Every CD must have a CD-ID, it just basically an ID calculated from the offsets of all tracks on the disc.

No idea then. Don’t want to waste your time any more.

Nearly got there with a compilation CD on the Teensville label - You Thrill Me To Pieces, tv1059. Unfortunately when the Core wanted me to type in all the 30+ artists & song titles I declined.

That album is on Discogs:

So in the Music Collector Add Albums screen, just search by Catalog Nr and enter “tv1059”.

I did this in Music Connect and instantly found the album, with 33 track titles and artists all filled in:

Thanks Alwin. I was trying the scan CD option so I could contribute to the Core.

No need to contribute this one. Discogs already has it.