Suggest Series Group from existing selection when adding

Currently when I add new comics the default Series Group is set as the last Series Group selected. This means having to search again to find the correct Series Group - every time. It would be amazing (and save so much time) if the Series Group picked up or suggested the same Group as the series you are currently adding to. I know that this would not be a simple fix given the Series Group is a completely user-generated field but if it was possible it would be supremely appreciated.

Series Group does get downloaded from Core (so not completely user-generated) - but if you have the field set up in your “pre-fill” screen, then it will be overridden by whatever you type in there (and that information is remembered from the last time you added a comic).

It might be better to remove the Series Group field from your pre-fill settings screen completely, and just add the comic. Maybe you get a Series Group from Core filled in more often than you think.

Then later, you can fill in any missing Series Group fields by editing the comics (or use edit multiple on your comics to quickly do it for a batch of comics).

Ah thanks. I didn’t realise it was the pre-fill settings picking up the last Series Group added.
Will remove Series Group from my pre-fill settings and see how that goes for me.
Thanks again for the quick response

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