Suggestion for Editing

It would be helpful if some Tabs in the Album Editing Screen could be hidden.

In my Case i do not need the “Klassisch”, “Personen” and “Links” Tab, so it would be great if they could by hidden

I’m afraid that is not likely to be in the cards.

Can you tell me why it would be “helpful”?

(I do agree it is pretty “ugly” in German Connect that it is taking up a second row of tabs… because of the long tab titles)

Is it possible to re-name then as in the Collector version?

It is not possible to rename tabs in the edit screen on Connect.
That is also not possible in the Windows version (except for the “User Defined Fields” tab).

The only way you can see different names for tabs is if you switch Connect or the program to a different language.

FYI, changing some of the field names will alter the tab names. See pics “Add’l Info”, so this is semi-possible in the windows version as I have done to several of the tabs.

Yeah. I guess that is an effect. Indeed, some tabs, that use the exact same name in code as an actual field will indeed be able to be modified that way.

I was looking in Music Collector and just checked the “Classical” tab which is not a “field name” so it can’t be modified.

It is definitely not an “actual feature” of the Windows software. And… well. This topic was about Connect anyway, so I’m not sure why we’re talking about this haha.

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