Suggestion (remaining in the same series when switching collections)

When switching between different collections, Comic Connect maintains my place within the same series—provided I still have books within the same series in each collection. But when I move a book out of one collection and into another collection, when I click the new collection, it will bring me back to the top of my entire inventory, even if I was still browsing within that particular series.

For example, I moved all of my books within the Grim series out of Collection A and into Collection B. Comic Connect still has Grim listed at the top of my breadcrumbs, indicating I’m still in that series in Collection A (even though I now don’t have any books contained within it). I click over to Collection B, expecting it to keep me within the same Grim series still, but it doesn’t. Instead, it puts me back at the top of my entire inventory.

Perhaps users might be able to preserve their placement within the series they are currently in until they click out of it. This would make it a lot more efficient to constantly move books out of one collection and into another without having to scroll through the entire inventory to get back to that particular series again.

Just a suggestion to improve Comic Connect power users such as myself. Thanks!

Ah, that might even be a bug.
The mobile app did the same, but we fixed that a couple of updates ago.