Sync but no editing was made


I was surprised by a sync notification although I hadn’t made any edits. This made me curious and I tried to reproduce it, which I was able to do and now I wonder if it is a minor bug or if it works as intended?

Follow these steps

  1. Make the collection fully synced.
  2. Select any movie
  3. Press Edit
  4. Press Done
  5. Press the Back arrow in top left corner
  6. Now there should be a sync notification.


“Done” will not “check every field to see if something was modified” - it merely will register the item as a “something happened to this item, and the user confirmed by tapping Done, so let’s mark it up for syncing”.

If you tap “cancel” it will not register as that.

Shouldn’t cause any problems though.

No problem at all.:slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for your answer.

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