Sync "review score" from Windows to mobile

I use Game Collector and the mobile app. One of the fields I use on the Windows software is “review rating” where I put the Metacritic or GameRankings score a game got. I know this is not available to sync on the mobile app. Does Anyone have a good workaround for this (maybe use another appropriate field?) or is a tag the easiest way? I did read the comment from Alwin that syncing UDFs is a possible 2024 project. So maybe I just wait it out!


Review Rating is indeed not a field that is synced currently. I will take note of your wish to get that field synced though.

If you wish to have it synced now, Tag would be a good idea most likely!

Perhaps we can even add Metacritic as an actual field that comes from our online Core database at some point (that idea has been floating on the ideas list here before).

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