Sync with CLZ Cloud

On the page " Sync with CLZ sound, you see “CLEAR CLZ sound”
What is happening when you press on this topic??

When you tap the button to Clear CLZ Cloud, it will empty out your collection on your CLZ Cloud. That is the online spot where you sync your data to (when you sync with CLZ Cloud).

If you tap it you will first get a warning if you are sure. But if you have no need to empty out your CLZ Cloud, I would not recommend clicking it :slight_smile:

Does that answer your question @Alte?

Thanks for the answer. It’s a very dangerous button. Mayby in Red???

The button is light gray, and all the way at the bottom to make it not stand out.

If you accidentally tap it, you will get a confirmation warning.

You’ll be okay if you just ignore it.

(If we would make it bright red, it would stand out a lot, which we definitely not want)

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Also, it is not that dangerous, as it only clears your cloud.
Your data would still be in the app.

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