Synching custom fields / user defined fiels


as now, it is not possible to synch user defined fields. I need this feature urgently because I used my old catraxx reference no. as a custom field and need this to get synchronized.
Any suggestions how I could do this or is this feature available in the near future?


The feature is indeed something we will likely implement at some point, but really not as fast as like… tomorrow.

If you use the Windows software though you could use the “Transfer Field Data” tool.

Here’s some more information:

Transfer your user defined field to “NOTES” or to “TAGS” and then sync, and you’re done!

Thanks. This is a problem for me, because I can´t switch to Cloud Based Editions and the desktop version, as I read today, will be freezed with features. :frowning:

Maybe you can transfer that refnr to the Index or Location field?

Both already in user with informations, also the “note” field. Maybe Tags is a solution. I will try. Also, the index field is not a goodl solution because it will changed on a reorganisation?

No, the Index field will never change. Unless you deliberately choose Tools / Maintenance / Re-Assign Index fields.

I think for a numeric Reference Number, the Index field is the way to go.

I used Catraxx for years and so my reference numbers are alphanumeric. Due to different events I have to reindex my collections already a few times… So I will not use the index field itself.

I found a solution: I will use the Catalognumber field instead.