Synchronizing Upload Log

When I synchronize my Collector Database with the cloud it generates a log that streams by at 100 kph as it’s syncing and includes all edits, pics etc. It also mentions deletion qty but not the deletion’s title(s). I’ve accidentally deleted more than one movie over the years. :scream:

Is this log kept somewhere for review?


The log is not kept for review, no.

But movie deletions will only happen if you actually have deleted a movie, yourself, manually, on any of your other devices.

It will never randomly remove movies, ever. The code isn’t there to do that, at all.

Wait, are you saying you actually accidentally remove movies yourself, and you were hoping for the synclog to find out which ones you accidentally removed?

Yes, It’s happened a couple times. Accidentally of course. Just wondering if the log was stored or not.

Ah okay. Well, yeah it isn’t… sorry about that.

Just stop removing movies! Accidentally! :slight_smile: