Tablet Screen Pane Layout


I’ve been using CLZ Comics on my Samsung tablet for a short time and started adding books. Initially, my screen mirrored the screen layout on my Pixel phone: click a series, then the list of comics appears full screen. Then you click a comic and it shows all the comics details full screen.

Now something happened (no idea how) and I’m showing all three panes on the screen at once with sliders to resize each pane. It’s fine in portrait view but it’s all messed up in landscape view.

How do I revert back to the one full screen at a time instead of three at once?



On Android, the app bases the layout on certain Android settings (with that it knows it is a tablet or a phone, that’s how that works) - and then it shows the tablet layout, or the phone layout.

So what you see here, is the tablet layout that is supposed to show on tablets.

If you really want a phone layout (and it seems you had a phone layout on tablet) - you can try this:

  • Open your settings on Android
  • Find your “Zoom” settings
  • See if you can set Zoom to a BIT higher
  • Restart the CLZ app and see if it is defaulting to phone layout for you then.

That said, what you see right now, is what we intend for tablets to show!

Thanks for quick response! If that’s the design intent, that’s great. However, is the tablet version only intended for portrait view as well? When I try to use landscape mode it looks all messed up.

That screenshot looks pretty bad yeah. But no, it should look differently.

Can you shut down the app completely, hold the tablet landscape, then start the app.