Tales of Suspense 88 listed under Tales of Suspense #57 Facsimile Edition

I thought I had done something wrong but when I added #88 it came up this way and not under just “Tales of Suspense”…

I’m sorry, don’t think I understand what you mean. Can you explain it in detail? Maybe use some screenshots?

That probably illustrates the problem better than I could explain it…

It’s not like that in Core. Can you remove it and add the book you have from Core?

I did what you suggested. I removed the entry and added it back from core, but it still has it listed the same way as when I first reported the issue.


I’ve fixed the series in your database to now match how we have them in Core, that means your Facsimile and your #88 will now appear under “Tales of Suspense, Vol. 1”.

If you want your Facsimile in a separate series, you have to do some other tricks, otherwise this might happen again. But I advise to have it just all in Vol. 1, like we have it in Core.

Use sync with CLZ Cloud on your CLZ Comics app if you use it!
After syncing, you should go to “Manage Pick Lists” via the menu in CLZ Comics, then tap Series, find that Facsimile series of Tales of Suspense (which is now not in use) and remove it.